Our Services

The Consultancy Department

Coordinated by Valentin Dragoi, our consultancy department provides a wide range of legal assistance services in relation to both private entities and public authorities.

We consider ourselves not only our clients' legal counsels, but also their business partners, offering an in depth approach in all relevant areas of expertise.

The Litigation Department

Coordinated by Lucian Tufler, our ldispute resolution department provides legal assistance and representation regarding a broad range of litigation matters, with particular focus on commercial, civil, tax and administrative law.

Two of our associate lawyers are also insolvency practitioners, members of the National Union of Insolvency Practitioners, offering a holistic approach in insolvency and restructuring proceedings, coordinating the cases from a multidisciplinary point of view.

Dispute resolution

Our team has remarkable experience in court proceedings, arbitration and mediation.

Our practice covers a wide range of disputes in all relevant sectors, such as commercial, real estate, retail, tourism, insurance, banking, health, energy and renewable resources, media and telecom.

By accurately assessing each dispute in which our customers are involved, we are able to provide them with the best dispute resolution strategies throughout negotiation or in front of the competent courts of law.

Restructuring & Insolvency

Valentin Dragoi and Lucian Tufler, two of our associate partners, are also insolvency practitioners, members of the National Union of Insolvency Practitioners from Romania.

We offer a holistic approach in insolvency and restructuring proceedings, coordinating the cases from a multidisciplinary point of view.

We have successfully handled complex disputes arising from the opening of the insolvency proceedings, as well as in claims for obtaining the annulment of fraudulent deeds or for activating the management bodies' liability.

Corporate & Commercial

We provide consultancy on all legal issues relating to the incorporation, management and current affairs of a company, including with respect to the negotiation and conclusion of contracts by our customers, to the performance of commercial contracts, as well as to the relationships between the members of the management bodies or to the relations with the employees.

We have also provided legal assistance in joint ventures, mergers, company acquisitions, spin-offs or dissolution, successfully managing large corporate projects.

We have been involved in numerous judicial, extrajudicial or arbitration proceedings for the recovery of our clients' receivables. We have provided legal assistance in various disputes resulting from the relationship between the company and other business agents, but also in case of internal disputes within the company.

Banking & Finance

Our team has acquired significant banking experience, providing legal assistance in various issues related to the activity of banking or non-banking financial institutions, as well as of insurance and leasing companies.

We are also offering legal assistance in relation to the implementation or functioning of e-payment methods

The projects we are involved in cover financing negotiations, debts restructuring, contract negotiations, banking risk management, as well as the area of consumer protection.


We offer assistance during tax / antifraud inspections, as well as in respect with the annulment / suspension of the enforcement of tax deeds.

We represent our clients in front of tax authorities for obtaining tax facilities (payment in installments, facilities granted under special legal provisions, etc.), as well as a wide range of tax consultancy services in on matters such as tax regimes, VAT deduction or labor taxation.

Labor & Employee Benefits

Our team has had excellent results in disputes regarding layoff measures, whether they were given by the employer for reasons related or not to the employee’s conduct.

We provide legal assistance and consultancy on all aspects related to the conclusion and

We are also assisting client in disputes deriving from the enforcement or termination of labor agreements.

Real Estate & Construction

We provide a wide range of consultancy services in real estate transactions, including but without being limited to due diligence in real estate acquisitions, assistance in the negotiation and conclusion of construction and lease contracts.

Likewise, our company has successfully represented clients in disputes having as object real estate claims, hidden defects of buildings, cancellation of building permits, or execution of general contractor agreements.

Intellectual Property

We offer advice regarding the trademarks, patents and industrial designs registration, as well as in relation to the protection of intellectual property rights.

We are also offering legal assistance and representation in front of the competent authorities during claims deriving from the violation of the intellectual property rights